Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach

G5 Capital was founded in 2014 as a growth equity investment firm focused on early stage investing and providing advisory services to high growth, powerfully branded, fast moving consumer products, technology and services companies. Furthermore, with our expertise in running, owning and investing in direct-to-consumer businesses, G5 seeks out companies conducting omnichannel business with a robust presence in the internet retail, direct selling, direct response marketing, and/or social commerce segments. The growth equity market that G5 serves often features companies with double and triple digit revenue growth rates and are likely in the pre-cash flow or near-profit stage. Candidate companies aspiring to develop a relationship with G5 should be past the venture stage and the point of proof of concept; and seeking capital to fund or accelerate their growth rate, build out for scale, hiring additional key personnel or seeking to develop new or adjacent markets. G5 Capital can commit capital of up to $5.0mm in any single growth equity company and can do so in tranches as little as $100,000.

Strategic Advisory and Management Value

In addition to equity participation, G5 adds value in multiple strategic manners and a variety of operating levels. Leveraging our principal’s and advisors’ experience and expertise in running both nimble, high growth companies as well as more mature, large, multi-national consumer product companies, we are available as a leverageable resource for our portfolio companies. We are available to contribute as members of the Boards of Directors of our portfolio companies or can assume advisory or observer positions in our intent to add value in multiple areas. Moreover, our extensive network of industry experts provides us with a deep bench of tactical resources, which can be accessed to help address just about any business challenge.


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Robert B. Goergen, Jr. Principal
Bridget Conry Advisor
Greg Kennedy Advisor
Jonathan Ryckman Advisor
Gregory E. Young Advisor
Theodore W. Stofer Advisor